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COVID-19 elective oculoplastic consent proforma

The advent of COVID-19 will continue to impose major adaptations in how we as surgeons practise and offer elective surgery going forward. In addition to how we try to adapt to make our practice as safe for the patient and our teams as...

Upcoming webinar: COVID-19 Clinical Experience and Impact in Ophthalmology

Alimeria Sciences and Heidelberg Engineering are to jointly host a webinar to discuss the RCOphth COVID-19 guidelines.

Orbis: Unlocking the Power of Simulation: A Next-Generation Solution to Training Ophthalmic Professionals

The virtual simulation symposium brings together thought leaders, industry, educators and practitioners in the field of ophthalmic simulation education and training to share the latest innovations, guide application, and provide key resources in simulation training. Taking place 13:00 to 15:00 BST daily.

Esme's Umbrella: Charles Bonnet Syndrome Patient Information Event

An event to mark 5 years since the launch of Esme’s Umbrella and three hundred years since the birth of Charles Bonnet. @10:00 - 12:30 (GMT)

Analysis of ‘urgent’ cataract referrals from community optometrists in the West of Scotland

As elective cataract services restart post-COVID, how do we establish which patients should be a priority? The authors share their findings from a review of ‘urgent’ referrals received by the ophthalmology department in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. The COVID-19...

My COVID-19 songs

A portrait of Anna by Tamara Jovandic-Everson as part of #portraitsforNHSheroes. I am a consultant eye surgeon and these are my COVID songs. First of all, I have not even had time to digest the past six months, partly because...

Congratulations to the SOC poster prize winners!

The Scottish Ophthalmological Club (SOC) recently hosted another excellent webinar on the theme ‘Post COVID – The Best of Times and The Worst of Times'.

Is patient masking leading to an increase in post-op infection after eyelid surgery?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of facemasks or face coverings in the clinical setting has become necessary. It is important to recognise that facemasks can be a source of infection after eye surgery and consider ways to minimise...

SOC welcomes registrations and poster submissions for September meeting

The theme of the Scottish Ophthalmological Club spring meeting on 23 September is ‘Post COVID – The Best of Times and The Worst of Times', featuring eminent speakers on a range of topics.

Uncertainties and opportunities in ophthalmology training after the COVID-19 pandemic

Alexander Jones asks what impact the current pandemic will have on ophthalmology trainees. In my work as a Clinical Teaching Fellow, I have to admit that chaos is uncommon. Neither the anxious excitement of rushing to help an unwell patient...


A trainee shortly to rotate to my firm was unhappy at the fact that she had only one phaco list in her timetable. She was a final year trainee with more than five hundred cataract extractions to her name so...