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SCOPE is pleased to announce the launch of its new night-time dry eye ointment HYLO-NIGHT® (formerly VitA-POS).

SCOPE is the UK’s exclusive supplier of HYLO® ocular lubricants for the treatment and management of all forms of dry eye disease. Now, with the addition of HYLO®-NIGHT, Scope offers a complete 24-hour treatment regime.

HYLO-NIGHT® is a sterile, preservative & phosphate free eye ointment, consisting of Vitamin A, liquid paraffin, light liquid paraffin, wool fat and white soft paraffin. Due to its smooth, gel-like texture, it provides optimal moisturisation overnight and keeps eyelids feeling smooth.

The HYLO® range is part of a wider catalogue of products supplied by Scope, a leader in dry eye, blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) management. Other products include the OPTASE® range, consisting of Moist Heat Mask, TTO Eyelid Cleansing Gel, TTO Eyelid Wipes, Dry Eye Spray and Omega-3 supplement OPTASE Omega Vision. For further information on HYLO-NIGHT® or any of the Scope product range – please contact us to find out more or visit our website.



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